Do not miss these steps if you’re editing Instagram photos in Photoshop.


    I’m certain you all must have faced these below issues while posting photos on Instagram.

    1. Problem: Color change in the photo

    After completing filter effect editing in Photoshop, now you’re excited to post a photo on Instagram.

    But you realized that after saving an image from Photoshop, the image color changed a bit.

    In short, the output color is not the same as what you have edited in Photoshop.

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    Now you’re frustrated and wondering how to solve this issue? 

    1. Solution: Color change in the photo

    Go to -> Edit -> Convert to Profile -> Choose sRGB IEC61966-2.1 option in the Destination Space section.

    Your profile would changes from Adobe RGB to sRGB.

    Let me explain why I’ve changed it to sRGB.

    The sRGB color space makes sure that your image appears the same on different platforms like websites, screens, and devices.

    Check out the below example. You could observe an image you’ve edited in Photoshop, it shows your desired colors but when you uploaded on Instagram without sRGB format then that image color varies from your desired edited colors in Photoshop.

    Hence, to get the exact color output you need to convert the profile to sRGB format.

    Problem 2: When you schedule a portrait size image on Facebook Creator Studio or other scheduler websites it posts automatically square shape size image on Instagram

    Solution 2: Always adapt the image to Instagram dimension before posting on Instagram.

    Always make sure you crop the image into the correct canvas size and image size in Adobe Photoshop.

    Instagram only accepts two fixed sizes. If your image doesn’t fit into Instagram canvas size then it automatically crops the image size while posting on Instagram due to which sometimes important elements also cropped out by Instagram.

    Instagram portrait canvas size is 4:5 (8:10)

    Instagram square canvas size is 1:1 (square)

    Press C for canvas size editing in Photoshop


    After cropping the image with the right canvas size. Now, make sure your image size’s width should always be 1080 pixels, according to Instagram.

    Go to image at the top menu -> image size -> a dialogue box will appear just like the below image.

    Resolution should always be 72 pixels/inch

    Screeshot of image size in Adobe Photoshop
    Screenshot of Instagram website

    3. Always make sure to keep the background color white in Photoshop.

    Why keep a white color?

    White color is the background color of Instagram, it would help you to judge if the filter effect on the image would go along with the white background or not.

    Right-click on the workspace area of Photoshop and choose the custom option -> select the white color and click OK.

    Screenshot of Adobe Photoshop – choosing workspace background color

    4. Make sure to select the below settings.

    Go to Image -> Mode -> Select RGB color and 8 Bits/Channel

    When to choose RGB color -> When you wish to upload an image on the digital platform.

    When to choose CMYK color -> When you wish to print an image. 

    For filter editing 8 bits/channel is enough. It contains 256 shades of colors. It would keep your output result size less, always keep below 1 MB file size.

    For example: if you upload more heavy files online, the image would open slowly or according to the high quality of the Internet. Thus, it is always better to upload less KB files so that it would open fast within a split of a second.

    16 bits/channel is used when you’re doing heavy editing to photographic images.

    32 bits/channel is used for creating HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. 

    I think the above explanation is sufficient for you. You do not need to ponder so much about it.

    Screenshots of Photoshop: choose RGB color mode and 8 bits/channel

    5. Save images in Photoshop only through this way.

    If you’ve done with the above settings in Photoshop, then save edited images only through this manner.

    Go to File at the top menu -> Export -> Export as -> a dialogue box will appear like the below image.

    You can play with the quality of the image if you wish to decrease the size of the image. Always make sure the image doesn’t get pixelated if you’re decreasing the quality of the image

    Choose format always JPG because PNG format makes file size bigger than JPG. PS: avoid file size in MB unit. If you observe the quality of both images on Instagram then both would look the same.

    Screenshot of Photoshop: how to save an image

    Conclusion: All these settings are mandatory if you’re editing images for Instagram. If you liked this post, kindly share it on your social media account and leave some comments if you have some queries.