Make sure to follow these settings if you’re editing an Instagram photo in Lightroom.


    1. Problem: Color change in the photo

    After completing filter effect editing in Lightroom, now you’re excited to post a photo on Instagram.

    But you realized that after saving an image from Lightroom, the image color changed a bit.

    In short, the output color is not the same as what you have edited in Lightroom.

    1. Solution: Color change in the photo

    Go to File -> Export -> (Dialogue box will appear in that come to file settings) edit the color space option and convert it into sRGB.

    This step would make sure that an image you edit in Lightroom would show true color after you saved the output either in jpg or png format.

    Adobe Lightroom -> convert profile into sRGB

    sRGB makes sure that your output image would get true colors what you’ve edited in Lightroom. It also makes sure that the image color won’t change if you upload it on any digital platform like websites or devices.

    Problem 2: When you schedule a portrait size image on Facebook Creator Studio or other scheduler websites it posts automatically square shape size image on Instagram

    Solution 2: Always adapt an image to Instagram dimension before posting on Instagram.

    Always make sure to crop an image into the correct canvas size and image size in Adobe Photoshop.

    Instagram only accepts two fixed sizes. If your image doesn’t fit into Instagram canvas size then it automatically crops an image size while posting on Instagram due to which sometimes important elements also cropped out by Instagram.

    Instagram portrait canvas size is 4:5 (8:10)

    Instagram square canvas size is 1:1 (square)

    Screeshot of Lightroom: changing canvas size

    After cropping an image with the right canvas size. Now, make sure your image size’s width should always be 1080 pixels, according to Instagram.

    Resolution should always be 72 pixels/inch (PPI).

    It is always advisable to upload less size file online. If you increase the resolution then it would also increase the size of the file.

    Why an image should be 72 PPI?

    because the minimum resolution of web and screen starts from 72 PPI. Though, you can increase it till 300 PPI but as I said it would also increase the size of the file.

    If the size of the file is high then during less internet speed an image would open after 1-2 sec. Everything depends upon the speed of the internet.

    Image settings in Lightroom: You can edit image size while exporting(Ctrl+Shift+E) the image.

    Screenshot of Lightroom: how to edit image size
    Screenshot of Instagram website

    3. Always make sure to keep the background color white in Photoshop.

    Why keep a white color?

    White color is the background color of Instagram, it would help you to judge if the filter effect on an image would go along with the white background or not.

    Screenshot of Lightroom: changing background color into white

    4. Save images in Lightroom only through this way.

    While exporting an image in Lightroom, make sure to check the settings of an image size, file size, file space, and file resolution.

    Conclusion: It is always better to save a hassle-free file rather than dealing with consequences later. If you like this article then do not forget to share it with your friends and on your social media account, and leave some comment below.