Femmepodpresets aims to teach free online how a beginner can edit their photos especially those who aspire to become Instagram influencers.

In order to continue teaching free, Femmepodpresets also monetize website, other social media accounts and sells premium presets as well.

If you wish to submit your photos to Femmepodpresets then you can get FREE edited photos as well according to your desired filter styleI will also show your social media handle and give your account link in the description in the YouTube videos, website posts, and Femmepodpresets social media accounts.

If you have any queries regarding submission then you can contact Femmepodpresets anytime through InstagramFacebook, and email: [email protected]

In exchange, you are granting Femmepodpresets a non-exclusive license to use the photograph in any of our websites, youtube videos, social media accounts, social media advertisements, any other mediums or formats, and monetization of Femmepodpresets.

Femmepodpresets would not use/show your photograhs in a negative way online as well as it would not manipulate your photos especially a model’s face.

Femmepodpresets would use your photographs only for color grading purpose.

The photographer or submitter must owns all the rights, including copyright, necessary to submit the photograph to Femmepodpresets. The photographer or submitter consent to indemnify Femmepodpresets against any claim, demand, action, suit, or other proceedings against Femmepodpresets’s arising out of the use of the photograph and related to any false or inaccurate statement.

Participants who have modeled or posed in the photo have assigned all relevant rights to the photographer. The photographer or submitter understand that submission does not mean acceptance, and that all submissions are subjected to review.


Image File Specifications: Upload jpg files only with noborders or watermarks. Images should be above 180ppi. Submit at least 10 images.

File Naming: Name the files with your first and last name only. Ex:KylieJenner1.jpg, KylieJenner2.jpg

Attachment: It is always better to send your photos via google drive. If not then you can use any other medium/sites as well.

Submissions Email:  [email protected]

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